Storyline Studios is an extensive supplier of creative and technical services. We are a complete production studio, creating unique experiences by combining creative and technical solutions.

Covers the entire workflow

By treating films from production to post-production we’re creating a safe workflow to assure the quality of the final product. The digital world contains some technical challenges which starts at recording format, through conform, grading, sound design and end with a complete picture in the shape of a TV copy or Digital Cinema Print for cinema.

Skilled creators and dynamic talents

We combine talents in sound and cinematography with technical expertise to carry out our work. Our staff are regulars when it comes to award recognition and at some historical moments we've been pioneers in Norwegian film industry. We believe in a symbiosis consisting of new talents and elite creatives.

New technology and equipment

Both on production and post-production we’re expanding and renewing equipment, to keep our services high-end and updated. We introduced both RED and Arri Alexa to the Norwegian market, and we’ve always delivered 16 and 35 mm camera systems. The light department is also regularly renewed and the equipment is handled by our own light technicians.

On the borderline between production and post-production we’ve developed some highly professional DIT / Lab solutions to control and store recordings while on set.

Our solutions for finishing gives possibilities for the best and fastest post-production. A process which integrates both clips and VFX. A growing part of our product range is the VFX department who, amongst others things, did stereographic on the first 3D film in Norway, «Magic Silver II» from 2011.