Leica M 0.8 50mm T0.95 Noctilux

Designed for full frame (24x36mm) sensors and film stocks, the M 0.8 lenses will cover larger sensors like RED’s Dragon 8K VistaVision, Sony a7 series and the Leica SL. Smaller sensor cameras like Super35 and S35+ will benefit from using more of the sweet spot of the lens. With weights ranging from 320g (.7 lb) to 700g (1.5 lb) they are an ideal option for weight-conscious configurations like drones and gimbals. Their short length from 5.8cm (2.3 inches) to 7.7cm (3 inches) lends them to compact camera work and tight spaces. 

The M 0.8 lenses will retain the existing Leica M mount, which is necessary to maintain their compact size. RED’s DSMC and DSMC2 designs allow the use of their Leica M Mount on all of their cameras with interchangeable mounts, including Scarlet, Epic, Weapon 6K, Weapon 8K VV and Helium 8K. The new M 0.8 gear rings are custom-made for each focal length and anodized, fitted and calibrated to match the rest of the lens housing.

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