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Rental Conditions

Please read before renting our equipment. By confirming a quote, you're obliged to adhere to our conditions. Covid 19 related information Productions that is being delayed or need to shut down due to Covid 19 are also covered by our Rental Conditions, unless otherwise is agreed upon in writing. If a production is postponed, Storyline Studios do not guarantee the availability of the equipment that were booked for the initial period. When the rental period is changed the economic conditions may also change for a new shooting period. This means that the equipment quote for the initial period is no longer valid. For the booking to be valid the adjusted dates and the costs of the equipment has to be confirmed by Storyline Studios before the new shooting period starts. The production is responsible to, as early as possible, to get in contact with Storyline Studios if cancellation or postponements due to Covid 19 are being considered.

Rental Conditions

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