200w K5600 – Joker Bug 200

HMI Lamps have a color temperature of ca 5600 Kelvin, often referred to as daylight. Our HMI lamps are from 125w up to 18.000 Watt. All are delivered complete with ballast, head to ballast cable and lamp head.

– Set of scrims available for most lamp heads

– Battery solution for 125w/200w

– Hyperspot & spacelight configuration for 4kw/2,5kw K5600 Alpha

– Adapter for ETC Source 4 available for Joker Bug 400 & 800w

– Soft tubes available for Joker Bug 200w, 400w & 800w

– 1000 Hz High Speed ballasts available for 400w/800w/1,2kw/1,8kw/2,5kw/4kw/6kw/9kw

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Rental Conditions

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