Covid 19 related information:

Productions that is being delayed or need to shut down due to Covid 19 are also covered by our Rental Conditions, unless otherwise is agreed upon in writing.

If a production is postponed, Storyline Studios do not guarantee the availability of the equipment that were booked for the initial period. When the rental period is changed the economic conditions may also change for a new shooting period. This means that the equipment quote for the initial period is no longer valid.

For the booking to be valid the adjusted dates and the costs of the equipment has to be confirmed by Storyline Studios before the new shooting period starts.

The production is responsible to, as early as possible, to get in contact with Storyline Studios if cancellation or postponements due to Covid 19 are being considered.

1. Checkout procedure

1.1 With the exception of the cases mentioned in point 1.3, the Lessee are obliged to perform checkout of the equipment from the Lessors premises in the days before the start of shooting between the hours 08:00 (8am) and 16:00 (4pm), or by special appointment. If these requirements are not met we charge NOK 1200, - for emergency support after hours. We do not take any responsibilities for Lessees issues with equipment during checkout after hours.

1.2 The Lessee is obliged to carry equipment testing and demonstrate an understanding of the set-up before it’s removed from the Lessors premises. Lessee have to check that rented equipment reflects the quote / order. Lessees must sign Lessors checkout form before the equipment is removed from the Lessors premises. If the Lessee discovers faults / deficiencies on rented equipment during checkout / testing, the Lessor shall be notified before the equipment is removed from the premises. Otherwise, the equipment is considered to be placed at the Lessees disposal in accordance with the normal quality standards for rental.

1.3 Lessee understands that equipment can arrive late from other Lessees or when sub-leasing. Lessor shall as far as possible inform the Lessee about delays. In such cases the Lessor will not always be able to make customary control of equipment for damage and the like, before it’s at the Lessees disposal. The Lessee cannot annul its lease obligations based on these terms.

1.4 The Lessor does not accept any responsibility for the fulfillment of the Lessees order unless the Lessor controls the equipment. If the Lessor discovers errors or defects in the equipment, which will lead to delay or non-delivery, the Lessee shall be notified. The Lessor is obliged, to the extent possible, to limit the damage and try alternative rental solutions for Lessee. Beyond this, the Lessor has no financial responsibility regarding the Lessee.

1.5 When sub-renting gear from other companies domestically and internationally, Lessor always try its utmost to handle all transport logistics within time for checkout and rental contract with sub-lessor. In that regard, Lessor can not guarantee that transport and customs agent will keep planned transport schedule.

2. Return of equipment

2.1 The check-in shall happen at Lessors premises latest 09:00 (9am) on the agreed check-in date or the day after last shooting day. The Lessee must report all damages, errors or defects on the equipment.

2.2 High-value equipment such as camera and lenses have to be stored in safe cabinet after hours to not expose this type of equipment in checkout area.

3. Insurance, fees, excess

3.1 Lessor provides insurance of rented equipment against damage and loss and business interruption insurance for the Lessee within Europe. Lessee will be charged an insurance fee equivalent to five percent, 5 %, of total rental amount, with a maximum of NOK 7.500, -.

3.2 Lessors insurance does not cover damage and losses due to: 1) careless or improper treatment 2) user error 3) use of facilities 4) wear and tear damage 5) underwater/in water/splashbag shoot if not specified and booked 6) drone shoot if not specified and booked 6) if equipment is not kept safe, “safe” means dry, out of reach, steady and the like 7) storing equipment in vehicles without activated burglar alarm 8) if the equipment is not removed from the car at night, the car has to be locked in a one-car garage with activated alarm 9) improper overnight storage due to specific building security

3.3 Insurance to cover the Lessees use of the equipment outside Europe must be specially made and provided by the Lessor on the Lessees expense.

3.4 Lessor excess using insurance will be charged the Tenant. Excess using insurance is NOK 10.000, - at each occurrence. For drone cases a 10 % extra of total rental amount will be added. Excess using interruption insurance is NOK 10.000, - at each occurrence.

3.5 Expenses that otherwise accrue for damage caused to the equipment of the Lessee and not covered by the Lessors insurance, will be charged the Lessee directly. If equipment is lost or damaged of such a nature that the equipment must be condemned, the Lessee must replace equipment at replacement cost.

3.6 Damage report shall be submitted simultaneously with the check-in of the equipment. If this is practically impossible to conduct, a temporarily report has to be delivered and the final report must be forwarded within five days after the equipment was delivered. If this is not adhered, a fee will be imposed the Lessee by 1% of the total rental fee per day beyond the above.

3.7 Cancellation less than 24 hours before production, due to causes other than the Lessees client has canceled the assignment, will be charged with 50 %.

3.8 Unexpected extension of rental due to weather for example, equals an addition of half day rental.

3.9 Emergency service after hours or on-set requires a fee of NOK 1200, -.

4. Lessors obligations

4.1 Except as set forth in subsection. 1.4, the Lessor has no responsibility for any direct or indirect expenses / losses Lessee incurred through these conditions.

4.2 In the rental period the Lessor is obligated to carry out repairs to keep equipment free of wear and tear. Lessor shall arrange and pay the transport of equipment to be repaired to / from the Lessors premises.

4.3 We do not charge for checkout day. 1-week rental equals 4 payment days. 2-weeks rental or more lowers the payment days to 3 per week. Transportation days are primarily paying days.

5. Lessees obligations

5.1 Lessees must keep the equipment in good condition and will replace the damage or loss of equipment, regardless of the cause of the damage. Equipment and cases have to be cleaned upon return to Lessor. Lessee will directly be charged any expenses the Lessor receives as a result of inadequate cleaning.

5.2 Lessees are responsible for the equipment to be used by qualified professionals. The Lessor reserves the right to approve the operator of the equipment. The equipment must not be used in abnormal or hazardous assignments.

5.3 The Lessee cannot dispose legal actions of equipment, including pledge, patent or otherwise cause it claims. Lessees must not remove or obscure stickers / nameplates / serial number on the equipment showing the Lessors title to the equipment.

5.4 When renting a car it’s the Lessees obligation to ensure that the driver has a valid certificate and that the car is not overweight according to the legislation.

5.5 All bookings are preliminary before Lessor has received a written confirmation. Lessor has the right to rent equipment that has not yet been confirmed. Lessee need to confirm quote with sufficient time before a possible checkout.

5.6 Being a foreign registered company, min. 50 % of total rental amount need to be paid up-front. Being a private person, ID need to be sent Lessor when booking.

5.7 To prevent damage to the optical filters and the sensor, a protective cap must be on the lens mount receptacle while no lens is attached. All cables have to be unplugged from the camera when it is transported or stored inside a camera case. Do not store the camera in places where it is subject to extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, high humidity, severe vibration, or near strong magnetic fields. Also, please do not operate camera within strong magnetic fields. Radiation affects everything, it can ruin your sensor and personal health.

5.8 Do not point the sensor directly towards a laser or opposite. It will damage the sensor long-term.

5.9 When moving the camera from a cool to a warm location or when the camera is used in a damp environment, condensation may form inside the lens compartment, on the sensor cover glass, between sensor and its cover glass, and on internal or external electrical connections. When condensation occurs it is very important to use a slow and long process to dry lenses and sensors again. If not, condensation can occur within the camera or lenses and the equipment will need service attention.

5.10 When travelling by plane, regulations by IATA and local flight companies need to be followed. Especially concerning travelling with lithium batteries, please relate to the latest IATA acceptations regarding dangerous goods. We recommend to travel with camera body and lenses in hand-luggage to the extent its possible.

5.11 When travelling across a border the Lessee is responsible to declare equipment for temporary export at customs (and import when returning, same procedure for arrival country). Lessee need to obtain the latest regulations for the specific arrival country to proceed with the correct approach. The preferred customs paper is ATA-Carnet, some countries demand this as the only declaration paper. The transporter is solely responsible for the export and import.

5.12 Macro lenses are not to be used with motors. Vintage lenses are not to be used with clip-on matte boxes. This could potentially disturb the mechanical parts of the optics.

5.13 Working in Nordic conditions forces Lessee for more precise routines when it comes to temperature changes. All glass and sensors needs to acclimate slow and long before going into another temperature environment or mode (recording for instance).

5.14. When flying Lessee is obliged to follow the airlines and IATAs lates restrictions. This is especially regarding shipment of dangerous goods such as lithium batteries. Lenses and camera are to be transported in hand-luggage to protect gear from unnecessary vibrations and damages.

6. Rental fee for late check-in

6.1 For equipment that is returned after 09:00 (9am) on agreed return delivery date, Lessee will be charged a minimum of half day rate.

6.2 If equipment is returned later than agreed, daily rental rate will be charged the Lessee up until the actual return, according to the Lessors current prices for similar equipment, with an additional 10 percent, 10 %, of daily rental. If equipment is damaged or lost, daily rental rate can be charged the Lessee with mentioned addition until repaired or until new equipment is available for rent, if not covered by insurance. These rules do not limit the Lessors right to demand compensation from the Lessee from after the rental conditions other terms.

7. Other costs

7.1 The Lessee will cover lab, film, transportation, staff, server storage, consumables, sub-rental, replacement and other costs associated with the use of the equipment.

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