We welcome technical challenges. With our wide range of equipment we can offer both digital and analog cameras. Our different departments with specialised crew can be a unique resource for your production.

Storyline Light & Grip is the place where old-school film craftsmanship and new technology go hand in hand. We have an extensive assortment, from LED to more traditional lighting equipment. Our department is nearby one of the most important studio facilities, with two soundstages and a green screen studio of approximately 400 m² each, as well as Norways biggest costume rental house and SFX & Stunt company.

Storyline Camera carries a proud tradition into the new digital age of producing. With state of the art facilities tailored to meet all kinds of productions and budgets, we strive to meet the demands of modern cinematography. We pioneered digital workflows in Norway and offer all needs on-set, near-set and in-house Lab services. With our 4K screening room situated beside our optics-lab we are ready to develop your vision.

For us, technical setups is an art in constant development.

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Equipment + Color + Sound + Finishing + GFX

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