Conveniently located in central Oslo, our lab provides a controlled data-handling environment that ensures consistent service and reliable turn-around. We offer a full range of solutions, from archiving (server/LTO), transcodes and dailies, to complete and more advanced workflows. Dedicated hardware and software in combination with a well-structured and systematic process, removes the extra costs that are often caused by the precarious nature of on-set work.

Efficient Log and Sync

We can deliver synced and logged AVID bins or Premiere Projects for your editorial team to start working straight away.

Drylab Dailies

We have been providing dailies with help from Drylab’s applications for many years, and we’ve been working closely with the developers to continuously improve and refine the service. Dailies are available via the Drylab Web Viewer and on iPad/iPhone using the Drylab Viewer app.

Additional Services

Data Recovery, VFX Pulls / Media Distribution, Dailies screenings in our 4K cinema, and Long-term archiving.


Related work


Lab + Edit + Color + Sound + Finishing


Co-Production + Equipment + Lab + Edit + Color + Sound + Finishing + VFX + GFX


Equipment + Lab + Edit + Color + Sound + Finishing + GFX


Equipment + Lab + Color + Sound + Finishing + VFX + GFX

Lab People

The largest supplier of film equipment, creatives and technical infrastructure in Norway. Productions benefit from our complete pipeline.