The sound department is constantly striving to deliver the best product available on the market. We offer a full range of sound services for feature films, TV drama, commercials and VR films. Our top-notch talents operate in high-end facilities. By customizing the process to each individual project, we provide a unique customer experience. In recent years we’ve had a special focus on TV drama, and have a proven track record in delivering all of the sound work your project may require, from on-set recording to final mix.

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Lab + Edit + Color + Sound + Finishing


Equipment + Color + Sound + Finishing + GFX


Co-Production + Equipment + Lab + Edit + Color + Sound + Finishing + VFX + GFX

Helt Super

Color + Sound + Finishing + GFX

Sound People

The largest supplier of film equipment, creatives and technical infrastructure in Norway. Productions benefit from our complete pipeline.