Crew + Equipment + Grade + VFX + Finishing

The Heavy Water War

Most watched Norwegian TV-drama in decades. Streaming on Netflix. Proud to deliver complete bundle from start to end.



Per-Olav Sørensen


John Christian Rosenlund FNF

Mv5 Bmtq3 Nte1 Mde2 N15 Bml5 Ban Bn Xk Ft Ztgw Otm2 Nzg1 Mz E@  V1 Sy1000 Sx1500 Al
Mv5 Bmj I4 Ntq0 Otu2 Nl5 Bml5 Ban Bn Xk Ft Ztgw Mtq2 Nzg1 Mz E@  V1 Sy1000 Sx1500 Al
Mv5 Bmtqy Mjk0 Mj Iz Ml5 Bml5 Ban Bn Xk Ft Ztgw Ntq2 Nzg1 Mz E@  V1
Key Art Without Svastika Cb0A46A8 F77D E311 93Fe B8Ac6F1685E8 Lg

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